Our clinical research centers are located at our Boulders and Santa Rosa offices, on the on the south side and west end of Richmond.

Our Clinical Research Division participates in many pharmaceutical trials. We have clinics at our Boulders and Santa Rosa locations. Participating in clinical trials can offer benefits for many people. These may include access to newer or more treatment options, learning more about your medical care, and having a greater sense of understanding of the medications that are used for respiratory diseases.  But by their nature, clinical trials involve some possible risks and they may not be right for everyone. Your decision to participate in a clinical trial should be based on a realistic understanding of these possible risks and benefits.

If you are thinking about entering a clinical trial, your physician and the PAR Clinical Research staff can help guide you through the experience.

Pulmonary Associates of Richmond, Inc. Clinical Research Division has two full time research facilities dedicated to pulmonary diseases located less than one mile from the CJW Medical Center Chippenham Campus and next to the Henrico Doctors Hospital Campus in Richmond, Virginia. Our practice has 26 Board Certified Pulmonary Medicine/Critical Care Medicine physicians as well as 6 nurse practitioners and physician assistants located in four offices in the Richmond metropolitan area. Patients can receive research related care at no cost to them given by these exceptional specialists and certified clinical research coordinators.

Our Boulders location has over 2800 square feet of office space that has state of the art equipment. We have 3 exam rooms and a locked storage space for study records and medications. It is adjacent to our 9200 square foot pulmonary practice clinic which has 12 exam rooms. In addition we are equipped with a clinical laboratory, ECG machines, nebulizers, pulmonary function laboratory (including plethsmography), an emergency cart, and oxygen. Our research facility also has drug storage refrigerators, a – 20 and – 80 degree Celsius freezers, and a refrigerated & ambient centrifuge. Our refrigerated “study drug” storage area is monitored 24/7 by ADT. We also have a kitchen on premises to provide meals for patients who participate in lengthy pharmacokinetic / pharmacodynamic studies. We are located in the Boulders office park near Chippenham and Powhite Parkways in a one-story suite with ample parking for patients. Our Boulders clinic is attached to a four bed sleep center where we currently conduct 24-hour serial spirometry and PK testing. Pulmonary Associates operates three sleep centers and has state of the art technology capable of tailoring its sleep studies to meet any sponsor requirements.

Our Santa Rosa Facility offers the same state of the art equipment in a dedicated office located in the Forest Office Park near the intersection of Forest Avenue and Three Chopt Road in the West End area of Richmond. At our Santa Rosa site, we have a certified cardio-pulmonary stress testing laboratory available for use during exercise studies along with full pulmonary function testing with plethysmography on site. We have three exam rooms as well as phlebotomy lab and patient dining area covering over 1500 square feet. It is adjacent to our 8200 square foot pulmonary practice clinic with 11 physicians. This location also has drug storage refrigerators, – 20 and – 80 degree Celsius freezers and a centrifuge as well as four monitored sleep beds in the adjacent sleep center which can accommodate patients involved in serial testing.