About Clinical Trials

A clinical trial (also called a clinical research study) is a carefully controlled test of an investigational medicine or device to see how safely and effectively it works on a group of volunteers. It can also involve researching new uses for an already approved medicine.

Why you should volunteer for a clinical trial

  • You can help develop new medicines/treatments for the future that could help you, a family member, or a friend
  • No-charge (typically) access to the latest medicine, regular trial-related medical check-ups, health information, and time with doctors and other health professionals

How to qualify for a clinical trial

  • All trials have specific eligibility criteria
  • The research team will review your medical history to see if you meet the criteria, then discuss the trials with you to see which one best suits you. All trials have different requirements in terms of time, visits, etc.

Before any procedure, you’ll receive a consent form with a full description of the study, its length, risks and benefits, medical procedures involved, and your rights as a volunteer.

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