See us if you have any of these asthma symptoms:

tightness in chest, shortness of breath, coughing, and wheezing

PAR lung expert Dr. Adam Kaiser explains asthma and how it affects your lungs and airways.

Asthma is a chronic (as opposed to temporary) condition caused by swollen or inflamed airways in your lungs. This swelling makes it harder to move air in and out of your lungs, especially when you’re exposed to an asthma “trigger”. A common cold can be an asthma trigger; so can things in the environment including dust, chemicals, smoke, and pet dander. When one of these triggers causes an asthma “attack”, the following can happen:

  • Airway swelling increases
  • Muscles tighten around the airway
  • Your body produces mucus that further clogs your airway

Asthma can start at any age and can come back later in life. Untreated asthma can cause irreversible damage to the lungs

Asthma Lung Test


Because everyone’s asthma is different, your doctor will create a personalized Treatment Plan that includes lifestyle suggestions, medicines, and specific steps to take when you experience various symptoms.

Learn about Biologic Therapy for Asthma

Biologics for Asthma

If treatments for your moderate to severe asthma aren’t working, you may be a candidate for biologic therapy. Biologics are injectable drugs that help you stay healthy by targeting particular antibodies or cells involved in the body’s immune system response. Most patients who are prescribed biologics have been on several other medications, including inhalers and oral steroids, and still have poor control of their asthma. Many patients on biologics see dramatic improvement in their asthma symptoms.

The three biologic brands we offer in our Biologic Clinics are:

  • Xolair – helps block allergic antibodies (IgE) in your blood from causing asthma attacks
  • Nucala – designed to reduce the number of eosinophils (a type of white blood cell) in your blood which cause inflammation in your airways and make it hard to breathe
  • Fasenra – also designed to reduce the number of eosinophils in your blood
Qualifying for Biologic Therapy
Before you begin Biologic Therapy, you’ll take a few tests to help you qualify for a Biologic and help your doctor decide which Biologic is right for you. Some of these tests are blood tests, skin allergy tests, and breathing tests.

Once the tests are complete, you’ll have a preliminary appointment with a Biologics Clinic staff member to discuss:

  • How often you’ll need to come in for injections
  • Hours and locations of our Biologics Clinics
  • How long your appointments may take and what you’ll need to bring with you
  • Consent forms for your insurance company’s prior authorization
Paying for Biologic Therapy
Before you begin your treatment, we get a prior authorization from your insurance company to find out exactly how much of the cost of treatment you’ll be responsible for. A prior authorization, or PA, is when your insurance company reviews your medical information and determines whether something is medically necessary. This ensures that your medication will be covered by your benefits. To help keep your out-of-pocket costs low, you may also be eligible for co-pay assistance from the manufacturer of your biologic.

Important: A prior authorization can take days to weeks to complete depending on your insurance company, who may request more information or to speak with your doctor before approving it. But don’t worry, we’ll take care of the prior authorization and let you know when it’s time for your first injection.