Nitric Oxide TherapyNitric oxide therapy is a treatment used to help with respiratory issues. Now, it is being looked into as a potential treatment option for COVID-19. Made naturally in the body, nitric oxide helps ease your breathing and, according to an article in Richmond Magazine featuring our very own Dr. Shilpa Johri, could contain antiviral properties.

Nitric oxide works by dilating blood vessels, and was used in China during the SARS epidemic in the early 2000s. Now, with another coronavirus spreading throughout the globe, nitric oxide therapy is being looked at as another treatment method, since it was a relatively effective treatment with SARS. The device used to administer the treatment is small, allowing its use in any area of a clinic or hospital, since it is portable. Effective treatment helps patients breathe better and reduces the need for a respirator, a device that is in high demand in fighting COVID-19. Another benefit of using nitric acid as a treatment option is its minimally invasive nature–once the device is set up to the patient’s nose, all the patient needs to do is breathe normally. Simple as that!

This treatment isn’t being used on all COVID-19 cases, however. Rather, it is being used on patients that are considered as having “moderate” cases (as far as severity is concerned). Treatment is ongoing from a time frame of three days to two weeks. While the results aren’t guaranteed (at least, not yet), nitric oxide therapy is another step that brings us closer to helping more and more patients sick with COVID-19. As treatments continue, we will be able to see the benefits more clearly.

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