Dr. Bergh and team were fabulous! The Waterford office was friendly and got me back to see the doctor quickly. Dr. Bergh was attentive and kind with a great plan. The receptionists were some of most friendly I have ever seen. Highly recommend Dr. Bergh and this office for a visit.

Pam H.

Thank you Kim! I’ve never had anyone be so helpful, so quick to responded to my needs both in the office and in my portal, and so willing to work with my prescription insurance to get me what I need, as Kim does (with Dr. Vinson at the Boulders office). Please know that I appreciate your dedication to your patients. Your job performance and caring make me feel special. I know you are busy and I am thankful to have YOU and Dr. Vinson on my side. Thank you both and the entire team at PAR Boulders.

Richard K.

I have long haul Covid. No one seemed to know how to help me. As soon as my appointment started I knew I was in the right place. Dr. Gill and his team knew how to help me and they did. Everyone else blew me off, but not Dr. Gill. He listened and answered all my questions. I felt so much better because I knew finally I was going to get the help I need and I did. I’m doing better and all thanks to Dr. Gill and his team. I’m so glad I found him.

Kathy K.

I was recommended to see Dr. Wong. He absolutely understood my concerns and informed me of my test results in terms that I could understand. He went above and beyond to explain other things to me that the test results showed that the first doctor never went over with me. I thought it was so nice of him to do that. I left the office feeling good and informed about my condition and that means so much to me as a patient. His nurse, Christy, is amazing and so nice, sweet and caring. I am so pleased.

Leanna M.

Dr. Ritso Kuno has been treating my husband for 23 years. His kindness and skill have been amazing at every stage of this journey. I sincerely believe his concern and knowledge have extended my husband’s life for the past few years. I highly recommend this doctor to anyone seeking help with breathing problems. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Ellen D.

Pulmonary Associates of Richmond’s practice is awesome. My mom has been seeing Dr. Sentz for over two years we appreciate his expertise and willingness to listen to my mom’s concerns as well as our concerns. Also, the staff is very friendly and professional. I’ve never had to wait more than a few minutes when I arrive on time for an appointment. Highly recommend.

Donna F.

It’s pretty rare to have a 5-star experience with a doctor or nurse practitioner these days, but Katie Braun is fantastic.

Katie C.

Ryan, one of your PAs, took care of my mother. I found him to be extremely kind and caring. I cannot thank him enough for working so hard to assist her to attempt to recover. His kind and thoughtful advice was greatly appreciated. As he said himself, he works with patients as if they were his own mother. He lives that statement 100%. Thank you Ryan!!

Hunter D.

Dr. Mistretta has been instrumental in getting my asthma under control. Additionally, if I do have a flare-up, Dr. Mistretta makes certain I have access to care whether it be with him or with one of the equally amazing APC’s! I highly recommend PAR!

Jennifer M.
I have been seeing Dr. Herlihy for years. I am a Disabled Veteran on O2 . She is the most caring, compassionate medical provider I have ever had. I drive from Prince George to see her. God Bless all the work PAR does.
Excellent staff, courteous, respectful, helpful, never a wait and very thorough doctors!
Dr. Rivers is very knowledgeable. He is patient, listens, responds in a way that his clients really understand. Top notch!!!!
Jill E.
I was referred to Pulmonary Associates Richmond (PAR) Clinical Research Division (CRD) around 2008 by Dr. Johnny Wong as a candidate for new study drugs to help with my COPD issues. I cannot give enough accolades to this division and the wonderful personnel who have helped me for all these years with not only my COPD issues, but in detecting my sleep apnea problem and polycythemia (too many red blood cells) issue. They referred me to their sleep disorder division and now I use a CPAP and oxygen concentrator at night. With the polycythemia problem, they immediately contacted my primary care physician for corrective action. Through the efforts of this group, I have significantly improved my quality of life. My undying appreciation and most sincere thanks to Mrs. Kelly Doyle who has been my primary contact/interface at CRD and the entire CRD staff. I would highly recommend CRD to anyone with pulmonary issues to investigate new drugs/procedures that may enhance the quality of their life.

Had an amazing experience… the provider was very friendly, had a great bedside manner and was very knowledgeable! During my sleep study the gentleman that was helping me was kind and made this intimidating experience easy for me. I would recommend this practice to any and everyone!

Tiffany E.

I am a 76 year old patient and I have had eleven months of at least seven hours (or more) of continuous sleep. I feel better than I’ve felt in years! It’s Dr. Puryear & his fantastic caring staff that caused this to happen for me.


What a pleasant experience! Both Dr. Puryear and his staff are friendly and genuinely care.

Nancy C.

The sleep practice, staff and doctors here are all amazing to work with!

Ashley L.

The facilities for the sleep study are very comfortable, much better than several other services I have seen. They worked with me to make my treatment successful. I recommend them to others.


I did my sleep study, the technician was wonderful and very patient with me. At long last the night was over and it was time to get up, shower, talk with Dr. Puryear and go to work. Dr. Puryear gave me his suggestions for treatment (it has worked wonderfully) and had me come back in January for a followup (not a sleep study).  Said I was doing well.  I like Dr. P., his staff and the office. Everyone and everything is very nice. The treatment is working and I am grateful to all involved.

Jack C.

5 STARS!! D.O. Nerralla and PA-C Davis are wonderful!! They explained my COPD to me in away I could understand. They talked with me, not at me. I have been treated with compassion and respect by every professional in the office. I highly recommend them. I have never had to wait long for an appointment. I am so thankful to PA-C Davis for taking the time and taking care of me when my BP was 195/110. I was in the office for an extended time, and they made sure I received the quick attention I needed. So next time you may have a wait period, just remember, there may be an emergency situation behind those doors they are taking care of, and I am thankful that they did.

Donna N.

Dr. Haft has a wonderful beside manner!

Marcia G.
I got great customer service from Libbie. The sleep study room felt like I was staying at a hotel. The staff was amazing. I am actually excited to go back tonight and do my cpap sleep study.
Helen W.

Dr. Haft has a wonderful beside manner!

Marcia G.

PAR at 1 Park West Circle, Suite 301 is a great office. All very professional and friendly. The first visit I was so nervous. The entire staff did all they could to calm me down, explain everything, very very patient and kind. I love the location also as I live in Midlothian, VA, very close. I absolutely love Dr. Berg, she is sweet, kind, and very patient. Cheers to a wonderful staff – I would highly recommend!

Jennifer G.

I had a great and pleasant experience when, after almost dying from Covid at the hospital, PAR was able to help me both with treatment and help guide me through my financial responsibilities.

Leo Rodriguez