diabetes and lungsResearch shows that after recovering from covid-19, patients may suffer various long-term problems like headaches, fatigue, shortness of breath, confusion, kidney, lung issues, and heart ailments, amongst others. It’s therefore essential to undergo further and regular medical checkups and appointments to monitor any alarming signs. Pulmonary Associates of Richmond wants to emphasize the importance of pulmonary care for post-covid patients. 

Why is it Important to Get Medical Care After Recovering From Covid-19?

  • To revise your medication. If you suffer any chronic diseases and are under any regular medicines, it’s advisable to closely monitor your symptoms and consult medical care if the dosage requires revision.
  • To avoid reinfection. It is recommendable to undertake enough preventative measures to prevent high risks of reinfection and protect your immune system.
  • To counter post-recovery issues. Some post-recovery conditions are very critical. It is good to get medical care so that the doctors can monitor your underlying symptoms closely.

How Can a Pulmonologist Help a Recovered/Recovering Patient Have Optimal Lung Health? 

After getting discharged from the hospital, follow-up care from a pulmonologist is essential to manage lingering symptoms and monitor the patients’ conditions. How can they help?

  • A pulmonologist can help the recovered patient recommit to proper health practices, such as rest, necessary for best lung functioning.
  • By recommending essential healthy foods and preventative measures, such as avoiding exposure to air pollution and smoke.
  • Pulmonologists can also take the patient through exercise activities which are very important at keeping the lungs healthy.
  • The pulmonologist may recommend pulmonary rehabilitation to the patient to ease back into their prior activities, especially where the sickness was severe.
  • The pulmonologist can provide further treatment to any co-existing conditions such as asthma or other post-recovery chronic lung illnesses. 

What Steps Should a Patient Take After Covid-19 to Make Sure They Work With a Pulmonologist?

If you are suffering from any chronic post covid lung illness, there is room for restoring your hope and strength to live a whole and active life. Schedule an appointment with your Richmond pulmonologist today for improved lung function and enhanced life quality. Our team at Pulmonary Associates of Richmond offers supportive lung care with compassion and expertise.