diabetes and lungsDiabetes can cause issues for the entire body by narrowing the blood vessels and decreasing the supply of available blood and oxygen.  Diabetes also leads to weakened immune systems that wreak havoc on important organs.  It’s no wonder that compromised lungs are a common problem for people with diabetes.  In fact, one study showed that when compared against a control group, patients with type 2 diabetes were significantly more likely (up to 27% for long-term sufferers) to show signs and symptoms of breathlessness and lung disease.  Diabetes can lead to pneumonia, tuberculosis, asthma, fibrosis, and many other debilitating lung problems.  Pulmonary Associates of Richmond, as the leading pulmonary practice in Richmond Va, shares how we can help diabetic patients manage their chronic lung conditions. 

Diabetes Worsens Chronic Lung Disease

Patients suffering from chronic lung diseases like asthma or COPD are likely to see a further decrease in lung function with the onset of diabetes.  Diabetes and chronic lung disease combine to increase lung inflammation and decrease antimicrobial defense, leading to a higher risk of mortality in patients.  Unfortunately, patients with these conditions are more likely to deal with additional health risks such as obesity or hypertension, which also brings worse outcomes.  Diabetes and chronic lung disease together are a challenge to deal with and require specialized expert care.

Precautions for Lung Disease and Diabetes Patients

Anyone dealing with lung disease and diabetes should take extra precautions to manage their condition.  If you exercise make sure it’s light, safe physical activity, and continue to eat healthy foods.  If you currently smoke, you need to drop the habit as soon as possible to preserve your lung function and prevent complications.  Regularly see your doctors for checkups to monitor your condition.  Work on managing your stress through relaxation techniques and getting enough sleep. 

Pulmonologists Can Help Diabetes Patients With Lung Problems

As experts in all thing related to the respiratory system, Pulmonary Associates of Richmond providers are well-equipped to deal with these conditions.  Pulmonologists specialize in solving the many complex issues and comorbidities that affect the lungs.  They make the daily lives of diabetes and lung disease patients easier through gentle breathing training, medicinal and lifestyle suggestions, and diagnostic tests.  They can measure lung function and monitor progress as they work to control symptoms. 

While the occurrence of diabetes with chronic lung disease presents a real challenge, it can be managed with proper physician supervision, precautions, and lifestyle adjustments.  Pulmonary Associates of Richmond is at the front lines of care for those with severe lung disease, and they’ll explore everything possible to relieve a patient’s symptoms. To schedule your appointment, contact us at (804) 320-4243.