Compromise is a part of life, but the one thing you should never compromise is your health. It is vital to seek medical advice from a professional whenever you feel unwell. An issue as slight as fatigue or wheezing could be a symptom of pulmonary nodules. However, the condition is manageable if detected early. Learn more about this condition.

What Are Pulmonary Nodules?pulmonary nodules

Pulmonary Nodules are small and round growth in the lungs, usually less than 3 cm in diameter. According to statistics, about 0.2% of all X-rays test done on the lungs have this growth. But what most people who have the growth are curious about is whether the condition is cancerous or can cause fatality.

In most cases, the nodules are 3 cm in diameter or less and are less likely to cause any harm to your body. However, in cases where the growth is over 3 cm, it could be a trauma that might cause cancer. But this is a rare situation. It only happens 10% of the time.

What Are The Complications Of Pulmonary Nodules?

The small size nodules are mostly harmless and are hardly noticeable. But they are times that they might block the lungs and limit the air passage. In case of such a condition, you will have to undergo surgery to clear the air path, 

How Are They Treated?

In most cases, patients with small nodules don’t require any treatment. But in case the nodules are infected, you will have to take medication to fight off the infection.

At times, you might have to undergo a surgical procedure if the nodules are blocking the airwaves or are cancerous. The surgical procedure can be Thoracotomy or Video-Assisted Thoracics surgery.

Seek Medical Help

Your health should be your number one priority if you have bloody coughs, chest pains, or sudden weight loss. If you get a scan and notice that the Nodules are big, you need to visit a skilled ENT doctor to discuss your health. Contact Pulmonary Associates of Richmond if you experience any symptoms of Pulmonary Nodules. Contact us online or by phone at (804) 320-4243